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Overcoming Addiction Through Religion

Recent trends have brought about a growing awareness of the connection between mind, body, and soul. The body and mind experience great benefits when a person focuses on caring for their soul through religious activity. This intricate connection shows how religion can help people face addiction recovery as they work through challenges.

Caring for the Soul

Faith and recovery have long gone hand in hand to give addicts a source of strength. One of the best ways to gain strength and care for the soul is through religion. Religion comes in many different forms, and the type of religion is not necessarily as important as the role it plays in giving an addict a higher power to rely upon in hard times.

What is Religion?

Religion is generally defined as an adherence to a set of beliefs and doctrine that shapes a person’s worldview. Most religions value spirituality as a way to emphasize the connection to something greater than the temporal world around us. Religion and spirituality help those fighting addiction by:

  • Filling a void that can replace substance dependency
  • Giving purpose to life
  • Giving a person something to do
  • Providing goals and a high-value system
  • Teaching practices of meditation and prayer as a source of strength

Benefits of Religion

Studies show that even people who aren’t suffering from addiction find many great health benefits from religion, including:

Religion is also one of the key preventative measures that lower the risk of substance abuse, especially among teenagers and young adults. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that adults and teenagers who consider religion to be important in their lives are far less likely to use drugs, and people attending spiritually based support programs are more likely to remain sober.

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