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5 Signs You May Need Addiction Recovery Services

Addictions can drastically affect a person’s life, leading to broken relationships, job loss, and poor health. But it can be difficult to know when an addiction is bad enough to require professional intervention. Addictions can range from inconvenient (like an addiction to video games) to life-threatening (like an addiction to drugs). To know if addiction recovery services are right for you, look for these five signs:

1. Inability to quit, despite the desire

It’s one thing if you don’t really want to quit your habit. But if you’ve genuinely tried to quit and have been unsuccessful, you may have a serious addiction.

2. Increased tolerance

Addiction can spiral out of control as a person develops a tolerance to the drug or habit. The brain requires more and more of the substance or activity in order to get the same pleasure. If you’ve noticed an increased tolerance for your addiction, a recovery program can help.

3. Withdrawal symptoms

Maybe you’ve tried to quit your addiction but had to return to it because you had terrible withdrawal symptoms. This is common of serious addictions. An addiction recovery program is vital for these types of situations because they help a person safely withdraw from the substance over time.

4. Relationship issues

A variety of addictions can have a negative impact on your personal relationships. Whether you find yourself or someone you know acting more aggressive or simply arguing over your use of a substance, addiction recovery can help heal broken relationships.

5. Lacking interest in normal activities

If you find yourself fixated on the next time you’ll be able to indulge in your addiction, or if you lack interest in normal daily activities like eating, sleeping, socializing, or working, this is another sign of a serious addiction.

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Addiction recovery can help a person deal with depression, substance abuse, and other negative outcomes as a result of their addiction. At the end of the program, they’ll have a better life and hope for the future. If you need addiction recovery services in Utah, or you know someone who does, check out Utah Addiction Centers. Our highly-rated private facility is an affordable, reputable way to get quality treatment. Contact us today to learn more.