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Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers General Outpatient Program

Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers will go to great lengths to help you achieve true and lasting freedom by helping you overcome your addiction. If you’re honest, open-minded, and willing to work hard, you can get your life back! We can provide the right level of treatment if you are willing to work hard.

Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers can accomplish this by providing multiple levels of outpatient care. We offer four main types of outpatient rehab programs, each one tailored to the needs of every client. The average client will spend between 90 and 365 days in each level of care.

We place great emphasis on the security of our clients’ futures. 

This includes helping them to access voc rehab Utah and answering their tough questions such as:

Are you an Alcoholic? What are the different symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal and how can you stop drinking?

These questions and more can be answered quickly by Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers. We are one of many reasons you should consider us for your outpatient rehab needs. We are Utah’s only private, luxurious treatment center for substance abuse and mental health. 

Paraprofessionals are not allowed to deliver the life-saving therapy that you need to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers only hires highly qualified therapists from Utah who are both licensed and certified master-level clinicians who have a specialization in substance-abuse disorders.

Outpatient Day Treatment will teach you how to cope with real life on an ongoing basis. You will learn coping skills and daily living skills, as well as individual, group, family and outdoor therapy. Give Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers a call and start your recovery journey today!

You will be able to fill out an application and apply for jobs using the psycho-education (daily life skills) method. You will also learn how to manage your time better and create a routine for self-care. To ensure program integrity and accountability, you will need to submit regular (UA) urinalysis test results while under our supervision. You will also have the opportunity to experience adventure and bonding with others through activities such as hiking, skiing, or biking.

Once you have completed the Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers’s Intensive Outpatient program, you will be eligible to move down to a GOP level of care.

General Outpatient Rehab (GOR) is a highly specialized program that addresses the individual needs of our clients. It is difficult to give a generalization about the criteria for a GOP treatment program. You can still expect to attend between one and three sessions per week, each lasting 1-3 hours.

In our GOP program, you can expect to use all your newly acquired and improved coping skills. Clean urine analysis (UA) samples will still be required. Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers provides a safe environment for you to learn how to adjust to your new life after treatment. GOP allows you to share your experiences with the group and to some of the most skilled therapists in Utah.

Aftercare or Alumni is the final level of care for outpatient rehab patients. Although it is not required, this is a highly recommended part of your treatment if you wish to stay clean and sober. It doesn’t matter what you do, it is in your best interests to continue attending NA, AA, and any other 12-Step program that are nearby. You can help others who are struggling with addiction and keep your addiction under control at the same time.

Call us today to learn more about the General Outpatient Program (GOP) or submit an online form. Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers will help you every step of your way. You don’t have to use drugs or drink again if you don’t want to.