The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Equine Therapy in Utah

The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Equine Therapy in Utah

Equine therapy is a form of therapy that treats physical and mental symptoms of addiction. Equine therapy in Utah is considered a form of experiential therapy and generally involves a participant, a horse, and a trained equine therapist. Equine therapy should be performed under the direction of a licensed and trained practitioner.

Why Equine Therapy in Utah?

Equine therapy in Utah is beneficial, especially for those struggling with an addiction, for several reasons; it not only gets you out in nature in peaceful and calm surroundings but gives you the chance to work through your addiction. Equine therapy is unique because horses will often mirror the behavior of the patient. When done in a professional facility, it allows addicts to see their own traits and behaviors mirrored back to them. That visual representation shoes them ways they can improve and change.

Physical Benefits

Equine therapy has many benefits for patients struggling with the challenges of addiction recovery. It gives patients a chance to exercise and get outside in nature and enjoy the health benefits of exercise. Although horses can be intimidating and working with horses or riding them can seem overwhelming, remember that horses are gentle giants. Riding a horse, running alongside horses, or working with them in the ring is a great way to get moving and exercise.

Mental Benefits

Equine therapy also offers a unique way to work through mental illness or addiction. Because equine therapy in Utah is different than traditional talk therapy, patients may find it helpful. If traditional talk therapy feels too formal, or opening up to someone feel uncomfortable, try equine therapy. Equine therapy is patient led and less structured so people often feel more comfortable and open up. For individuals struggling or in distress, horses provide comfort.

Equine therapy also helps individuals build and maintain trust, build up their work ethic, and process their emotions. The bond formed between patients and horses is healing in more ways that one and can be highly beneficial for those struggling with addiction.

Getting Started

If you feel like equine therapy in Utah would be a good fit for your addiction treatment, reach out to Utah equine therapy professionals. Equine therapy experts can help you start your road to recovery today.