Drug Rehab Treatment Centers in Utah:
Where Mental Health Comes First

We know each life is precious and each person is unique. Our goal at Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers is to give you or your loved one a life worth fighting for!

We understand and are compassionate about your needs, as well as the needs of your family. We pride ourselves on being able to accurately identify the reasons people self-medicate. After diagnosis, we customize a treatment-of-drug-abuse plan that is designed to ensure success.

Mental Health Comes First

Most individuals who abuse drugs do so because they are suffering with mental health disorders. We have found that people with trauma, anxiety, and mood disorders are very likely to abuse drugs or alcohol.

At Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers, a drug rehab center in Utah, our “Mental Health Comes First” approach is very effective. By first addressing and resolving the mental health disorders abusers are suffering with, then providing the tools needed to successfully live without drugs or alcohol, the possibility of having long-term success is greatly improved.

The team at our drug treatment center in Utah offers the best care available for those who suffer from addiction and behavior disorders. We not only offer the primary medical care needed to overcome the physical addiction to drugs, but we also provide extended mental care where your loved one will face the deep-seated issues of their addiction and learn how to move past those obstacles.

We care about our patients and their families. Because everyone is unique, we create a custom treatment plan for each person who comes seeking help from us.

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