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Coping with Mental Illnesses – Depression

Depression is a debilitating mental illness that can seem impossible to overcome. Many people struggle with depression in silence, waiting for the day they’ll snap out of their state. But depression is an illness that needs to be treated just like any other medical condition.

Thankfully, there are many coping mechanisms to help anyone overcome the debilitating effects of this mental illness. A combination of emotional support, prescription drugs, physical activity, and other practices can make all the difference to someone suffering from depression.

Here are some other important coping strategies to improve the effects of depression:

Seek Medical Attention

Anyone who suspects they may be depressed should see a doctor to diagnose the severity of the condition. Many people may talk themselves out of getting help, but only a doctor can prescribe antidepressants or recommend a therapist to help cope. In some cases, a doctor may recommend the patient see a psychiatrist or psychologist to get further treatment.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes a change in lifestyle can do wonders for those suffering from depression. Anyone who is feeling depressed should be sure to get adequate amounts of sleep (too little or too much sleep can make you feel worse) and live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some habits that may improve depression:

  • Exercise for 30 mins at least five times a week.
  • Eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, lean protein, whole grains, and healthy fats.
  • Avoid binging on sugar or junk food.
  • Get sunlight and fresh air every day.
  • Reduce stress and try relaxation techniques or massages.

Get Emotional Support

Those who are depressed may feel like they have nowhere to turn, it’s important to find a source of emotional comfort. A family member or friend can be an important confidant who can help someone feel validated, without fear of judgment. Writing in a journal is another important way to release and process emotions that may worsen depression.

Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers Can Help

Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers is an excellent resource for those looking for more help coping with mental illness and depression. If you’re looking for depression rehab in Utah or mental health retreats for depression, contact Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers today.