Utah Sex Addiction Treatment

When sex is enjoyed in a loving and caring manner, it can be a beautiful experience for two people to share. Sex is a natural part of being alive and connecting with someone special. It is a way to share physical and emotional intimacy. However, when someone becomes obsessed with sexual desire and their life begins to suffer the consequences, it has become an addiction.

Because sex addiction is a disease of profound boundary failure, this addiction can be just as harmful to the mind, body and spirit as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Help for sex addiction and partner support is available.

Pornography and sex addiction go hand in hand. Because the World Wide Web has made access easy to almost anything you can think of, pornography has spread across the world like wild fire. Pornography is now readily available to almost anyone who wants to view it. Any sexually explicit material is designed to arouse a person. Pornography is easily remembered and is performed continuously in the mind. This begins the vicious cycle of addiction.

Unfortunately, porn and sexual addiction can destroy a person’s ability to maintain and enjoy life as well as a healthy level of emotional intimacy with other people. This can destroy all relationships, not just physical ones. This addiction may cause people to lie and miss work, putting their career in jeopardy. When a partner or friend realizes what is going on, they may choose to end the relationship as well. If you or someone you love is caught in a web of lies that this obsession fabricates, we urge you to seek sex addiction help.

At Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers we will provide the help you or your loved one needs to reclaim your life. We understand that everyone is an individual and we create a treatment plan based on individual needs. We believe that family support is very important, especially during treatment, so we recommend family visits as well as active participation in therapy. During treatment, we provide the keys you or your loved one need for a successful life outside of your compulsion. We also provide after care, where we encourage our clients to participate in support groups and continue with individual therapy.

Therapists at the Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers are highly trained and certified as Sex Addiction Therapists through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). We utilize skills and theories from many of the leading sexual health researchers and incorporate them into individualized treatment plans for the client.

If you are seeking sex addiction help, we encourage you to call and speak with one of our counselors. Together we can create a life you will enjoy and be proud of.

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