Ana C

“I honestly believe Utah Addiction Centers was completely God sent. From the very beginning, I could tell I had found the right place. My husband made the first initial call because I couldn’t do it myself, while I just listened. Everything Darron said made complete sense. Then within a week’s time, I was getting the help I had needed for decades but didn’t even fully realize. Mike and Jeremy are truly amazing and I wouldn’t have relocated after rehab to Utah if I didn’t 110% know they could help me further with my addiction and mental health. I have found amazing friends and an amazing support system through/at UAC. Thank you for all the patience you’ve had with me! Especially when I felt like a lost cause and too far gone. UAC is definitely a safe space for me to be.”

Neccia J

“Utah Addiction Centers is an incredible, one of a kind treatment center. They are staffed with friendly, down to earth, professional people who have your best interest in mind. I appreciated Darron’s willingness to work with me and get me the help I needed. Jeremy, Mike and Kelci are amazing counselors who treat the individual not just the addiction. I’m grateful they take a whole mental health approach and work on the roots of the problem. They’re not just about kicking a bad habit, but changing the way one lives so to lead a healthy fulfilling lifestyle. No matter your struggles, they can help you find hope and happiness again. Thank you UAC, for being part of my journey through recovery. I can never repay you for the gift you’ve given me. That’s Hope… much love.”

Emily B.

“I cannot express in words my gratitude toward the staff of Utah Addiction Centers. Honestly, I was extremely skeptical of their methods at first, but I am so glad I trusted their expertise and design. I have gone to therapy for over 10 years and have never felt as much personal growth and self-understanding as Jeremy has helped me find. I thought I was broken and too far gone. I feel hopeful for the first time in years. These guys genuinely care about the clients and their continued success.”

Tanya S

“Utah Addiction Centers was the most amazing experience in my life! They have helped me work through things in my life that other centers were not able to crack in me! The detox process was so good from the transition to the program. The staff is absolutely amazing and I would recommend anyone to this place. Thank you for helping me get my life back on track again. Please reach out to Utah Addiction Centers if you or a loved one is in need.”


“I can’t say thank you enough! With your help, I am free from addiction, and for the first time in a long time, I have hope for the future.”


“We were a family in crisis. I am so grateful that you were recommended to us! It has literally saved our family.”