Utah Pornography Addiction Treatment

When sex is enjoyed in a loving and caring manner, it can be a beautiful experience for two people to share. Sex is a natural part of being alive and connecting with someone special. It is a way to share physical and emotional intimacy. However, when someone becomes obsessed with sexual desire and their life begins to suffer the consequences, it has become an addiction requiring pornography addiction treatment.

Because sex addiction is a disease of profound boundary failure, this addiction can be just as harmful to the mind, body and spirit as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Help for sex addiction and partner support is available.

Pornography and sex addiction go hand in hand. Because the World Wide Web has made access easy to almost anything you can think of, pornography has spread across the world like wild fire. Pornography is now readily available to almost anyone who wants to view it. Any sexually explicit material is designed to arouse a person. Pornography is easily remembered and is performed continuously in the mind. This begins the vicious cycle of addiction.

Unfortunately, porn and sexual addiction can destroy a person’s ability to maintain and enjoy life as well as a healthy level of emotional intimacy with other people. This can destroy all relationships, not just physical ones. This addiction may cause people to lie and miss work, putting their career in jeopardy. When a partner or friend realizes what is going on, they may choose to end the relationship as well. If you or someone you love is caught in a web of lies that this obsession fabricates, we urge you to seek pornography addiction treatment help.

At Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers we will provide the pornography addiction treatment help you or your loved one needs to reclaim your life. We understand that everyone is an individual and we create a treatment plan based on individual needs. We believe that family support is very important, especially during pornography addiction treatment, so we recommend family visits as well as active participation in therapy. During treatment, we provide the keys you or your loved one need for a successful life outside of your compulsion. We also provide after care, where we encourage our clients to participate in support groups and continue with individual therapy.

Therapists at the Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers are highly trained and certified as Sex Addiction Therapists through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). We utilize skills and theories from many of the leading sexual health researchers and incorporate them into individualized treatment plans for the client.

If you are seeking pornography addiction treatment help, we encourage you to call and speak with one of our counselors. Together we can create a life you will enjoy and be proud of.

Addiction can take place when you become dependent on drugs, alcohol, or unhealthy behavior(s). One behavior not openly talked about is having an issue with pornography. Struggling with a pornography addiction can be embarrassing and influence your relationships and finances. 

Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers pornography addiction treatment can help you regain control of your life. Pornography can cause emotional dependency. 43% of Internet users watch pornography; which makes it absolutely possible to develop a pornography addiction. The internet has made pornography much more reachable as 25% of all internet searches involves pornography.

Porn addiction occurs when you spend an average of 10+ hours each week watching porn. Overall, about 200,000 Americans struggle with porn addiction every year. Our pornography addiction treatment center in Utah will help you recover from porn addiction. 

Porn addiction can interfere with your career, marriage, along with other mental health issues. Porn addiction can have a severe influence on your relationships. 56% of divorces involve allegations that at least one party obsessively views porn. It can also negatively impact your mental health, making you twice as likely to suffer from acute clinical depression. 

Porn addiction is a form of behavioral addiction. A behavioral addiction occurs when your brain’s pleasure center benefits from negative actions; like watching porn. Here are a few main indications of someone that is suffering from a pornography addiction: 

Spends excessive money on pornography

Lie about how much porn you watch

Watch porn while at work

Isolate from others in order to watch porn

Prefers masturbating to porn over intimacy with a real partner

Develop feelings of anxiety and depression

When you watch porn and also experience gratifying emotions, your brain associates porn with pleasure. This can make it troublesome to stop watching porn without help from a pornography addiction treatment center. Give Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers a call today to get the help you desire!

What is a Pornography Addiction Treatment Center?

When you are struggling with a porn addiction, it can feel embarrassing and overwhelming; but a pornography addiction treatment center can help you recover. Our Utah pornography addiction treatment center offers both inpatient and outpatient programs that utilize evidence-based and holistic therapies. 

Evidence-based treatments are therapies backed by research that have been demonstrated to be effective in a client’s overall outcome. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy are two different kinds of evidence-based treatments. The benefit of cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy is that they can both be used in combination with other treatments; along with in the two individual and team settings. 

Cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy at our pornography addiction treatment center focuses on teaching you how to identify and change negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors. During treatment, you will also find out how to control cravings and deal with symptoms. Triggers can be people, places or things that remind you of porn. Coping with symptoms/triggers is a valuable part of treatment because it helps prevent future relapses.

If you or a loved one is struggling with porn addiction, finding help is the first step in the recovery process. Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers pornography addiction treatment can empower you to regain control in your life. Our pornography addiction treatment program will provide you with all the assistance, understanding, and support necessary to fully recover. Call us now at 801-766-2233 to learn a more about your treatment options.

Individuals can become addicted to pornography in the same way they can become addicted to drugs. For some; porn becomes a means to manage emotional pain. Internet pornography eventually replaces crucial relationships and commitments. When porn addiction becomes disruptive; a pornography addiction treatment center can help you reunite to a healthier method of life. 

Porn addiction is considered an intimacy disorder. This kind of sexual addiction helps people avoid the vulnerability of real-life intimacy. The wide options of internet porn has made porn addiction more prevalent and problematic.

Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers offers technical programming for men and women with intimacy disorders like sex or porn addiction. Led by trained personnel, all of our sex addiction treatment programs are gender-separate, non-shaming and trauma-focused. Aside from being state (Utah) and nationally accredited (The Joint Commission), something that really sets us aside from all other pornography addiction treatment programs is that all of our therapists are sex addict certified!

Treating Pornography Addiction

Individuals of all ages have recovered from porn addiction at our pornography addiction treatment center. We provide an accepting environment so that you can heal without judgment. We are aware that this is a compulsion which is keeping you from being able to deal with all facets of your personal recovery. We treat co-occurring mental health disorders and provide treatment for substance abuse, alcoholism and porn addiction at the same time. You can repair your life and relationships as you gain a stronger feeling of self love. 

Finding the Main Cause of Compulsions in Treatment

Our pornography addiction treatment center provides a means for healing your internet porn addiction. First we complete an initial evaluation to determine your overall physical and mental health. Then we create the best individual treatment plan for your needs using a blend of therapies. Many porn addicts experience underlying psychological issues like depression, stress or very low self-esteem. 

They often have earlier trauma experiences that were never addressed. Over time they learn how to use sexual imagery, not for pleasure; but as a means to dissociate from uncomfortable feelings. Viewing pornographic material becomes the default option response for dealing with daily life stressors. Our sex addiction treatment addresses the compulsive behaviors surrounding porn addiction, as well as attacks the underlying issues that fuel it.

Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers Inpatient Pornography Addiction Treatment includes:

Acknowledging common contributors to intimacy disorders such as deep-rooted attachment, enmeshment, severe trauma issues that typically began in early childhood

Exploring the fear of vulnerability that may have prevented you from being in intimate relationships

Looking at ways your trauma made you wish to self-protect by getting lost in the fictional spectacle of porn

Owning up to problems you created in your present relationships

Recognizing how addiction has influenced your personal and work life

Learning to distinguish the fantasy life led through porn from real-life relationships

Treatment for Co-Occurring issues

We address dual diagnosis, additionally co-occurring mental health disorders. During treatment, you may find that the compulsive behaviors and dysfunctional thought patterns that led to porn addiction are responsible for other behavioral addictions. Porn addiction could be complicated with those co-occurring mental disorders. At our pornography addiction treatment center in Utah, we offer these main programs and more:

Borderline Personality Disorder treatment program

Depression treatment program

Stress and/or Anxiety Disorder treatment program

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder treatment program

Drug abuse/Substance use Disorder treatment

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment

Outpatient and Residential Porn Addiction Treatment

Our Utah pornography addiction treatment center may be needed for long-term recovery; especially in the event that you have co-occurring issues. A first step is to find independence from porn. You will learn to manage electronic devices and television (screen-time) usage to maintain your recovery. 

With our exclusive help; you’ll handle emotional issues and trauma in a secure environment, surrounded by people with similar issues. You will be encouraged through counseling and pornography addiction treatment therapy. While under our compassionate and effective care, you may experience these various types of treatments:

Group therapy sessions

Individual therapy and counseling sessions

Family therapy sessions

Alternative therapies

Trauma-focused therapy

Substance Abuse treatment

Mental Health therapy

Equine assisted therapy

12-Step programs or alternatives


PTSD therapy

Bio Sound therapy

Neurofeedback therapy

Gene therapy



Recreational therapy

What to Expect in Porn Addiction Treatment

Our pornography addiction treatment center offers a family group program that will help repair damaged relationships. Porn addiction can have a devastating impact on loved ones; therefore it is important to care for your family system as well. The incidence of porn has lured a younger generation of men to learn all they understand about sex through porn. It is likewise an increasing difficulty for women. 

Females may be attracted to internet pornography as a means to stay in a dreamlike fantasy. Because a lot of people assume men would be the only ones that are addicted to pornography; women sometimes do not obtain the proper pornography addiction treatment. Our porn addiction therapy at Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers provides men and women gender-specific treatment based on their individual requirements. Porn addicts often feel shame about their compulsions and want help since they feel alone. 

Here are some of the more popular experiences you can expect to have at our Porn Rehab:

Begin to process childhood trauma that has contributed to your compulsion(s)

Learn new communication and relationship skills

Develop new knowledge for self-soothing and coping mechanisms

Learn how to create genuine intimacy with others

Develop greater overall self-esteem

Why Choose Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers Residential Porn Addiction Treatment? 

Our treatment includes a broad plan for relapse prevention. You’ll receive aid in creating a new way to life and relationships. Your recovery program will include the relevant skills for self-care plus a toolbox for dealing with compulsions in the real life. 

Essentially the most difficult stage is the first one; where you admit that you have a debilitating porn issue. Please keep ion mind that you are not alone. Our pornography addiction treatment center is here in order to help. Fill out our form or give us a call today!

Founded in 2000, Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers is the best pornography addiction treatment center for individuals and people struggling with porn addiction behaviors. Enjoy freedom from sexually addictive behaviors and experience the happiness and peace that you have been searching for with our Utah pornography and sex addiction treatment program. Our principal concentration is on the renewal of hope and healing for people struggling with the effect of pornography and sex addiction. While we concentrate on sex addictions, we also provide treatment for addictions of all kinds. 

This includes substance abuse, mental health, dual-diagnosis, alcoholism and gambling. We offer a clinical in-patient and immersive treatment program that works with lasting results. Do not fight your porn addiction on your own! We deeply understand your issues; and we can assist your recovery in an environment of compassion, empathy and trust.

Our objective is to get you happy, healthy and whole and back to the essential people in your life. With our clinical experts, you’ll build achievements that help sustain your healing once you’ve returned from our recovery center. Family relationships will strengthen as part of the healing process; along with our family visit program, weekly care conference calls, and post therapy service programs are all designed to be lifelong solutions for our patients along with their families. 

Our experts and clinical professionals have above 75+ years of collective experience in understanding and helping individuals overcome their porn addiction. We get to the root of the problem with each client, and work with them on their own personal experiences to provide therapy and training that will help them for a lifetime. Our professionals are all CSAT (certified sex addiction therapists) licensed to tackle sexual addiction issues, and continue to remain current with all evidenced-based methods and specifications.

Please do not suffer from your pornography addiction alone. There is hope and a bright future ahead. In the event you have a pornography addiction or sex addiction, or have a family member suffering from a porn addiction, remember to contact us first. Our pornography addiction treatment can bring you hope and freedom once and for all.

The validity and/or question if porn addiction is an actual addiction is actually a controversial topic. Porn addiction is considered by some to be quite a behavioral addiction that is characterized by an obsessive compulsion to view pornographic material. Many experts say that the brains of people watching porn really do not function in the same manners as the brains of drug users; however there are plenty of studies and professionals that argue that it is a real addiction.

Some individuals become obsessed with sexual thoughts and behaviors and relate their cravings of needing to watch pornography to that of the nicotine smoker needing a cigarette. Professional therapist offices and in-patient centers are crammed with men and women who have lost control over their sexual behaviors and recognize this root cause of suffering from their porn addiction. Many skeptics of the condition cite the fact that the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Psychiatric Disorders (DSM-V ) does not include sexual addictions as a diagnosable disorders. But it is crucial to note that the American Society of Addiction Medicine does comprehend porn addiction as a behavioral addiction.

Indicators of a Porn Addiction

In a 2014 review performed by the University of Cambridge; researchers discovered that in the brain scans of different compulsive porn users, that watching pornography had the same reward centers of the brain become triggered to that of individuals of drug and alcohol addiction when seeing their drug or drink of choice. Likewise most people that are addicted to porn and attempt to stop, have precisely the same indicators of withdrawal that drug users and alcoholics additionally experience. The Kinsley Institute Survey found that 9% of porn viewers have attempted unsuccessfully to stop.

Common Symptoms of Substance Abuse Addiction include:

Compulsive habits that results in lack of control

Unsuccessful attempts to stop despite negative consequences

Preoccupation with the experience/ritual

Increased demand for more as tolerance and dependence has increased

Various Physical/Mental Withdrawal symptoms

Those addicted to pornography experience all of those symptoms listed above. Not to mention they also display the same warning signs of porn addiction to that of substance use disorders. Common signs of Porn Addiction include:

Spending large amounts of time watching porn

Being unable to stop using porn or behaviors associated with porn even after repeated attempts

Experiencing strong cravings to view porn

Becoming angry or hostile when requested to stop using porn

Requiring increasing amounts or maybe more explicit porn to gain the same satisfaction

Losing interest in intimacy with partner

Abandoning social pursuits to use porn

Keeping all or some of your porn use confidential from loved ones

The Ramifications of Porn Addiction

The damage that pornography addiction can do to a relationship can be tremendous. Numerous individuals suffering from porn addiction feel ashamed by their constant use and often lie to their partner about watching it or lie about their whereabouts or activities to be able to continue to watching it. Additionally, many individuals addicted to porn have a very low sex drive as they excessively masturbate to X-rated content on the internet to the point that actual intercourse participation is quite low.

Several individuals that are aware of their partner’s porn use develop problematic symptoms. Those addicted to porn understand that their compulsive use of pornography is damaging to their relationship and hurtful to their partner; however, they simply just can’t stop. Some of the more popular symptoms a partner to a porn addict may experience are as follows: 

Diminished self-esteem

Improved relationship quality

Decrease sexual satisfaction

Relationships aren’t the only part of one’s life that can be damaged by excessive pornography use. Psychologists describe porn addicts losing their jobs because they couldn’t control the need to visit adult websites while at work. In a 2013 Forbes informative article, researchers discovered that 25% of working adults confessed to looking at pornography on the computer at work. If left untreated, porn addiction can result in broken relationships, decrease of self-esteem, feelings of remorse, problems with work or school, and financial issues. 

Treatment for Porn Addiction

Porn addiction can cause severe relationship damage! Like all behavioral addiction treatment plans; porn addiction rehabilitation has to simultaneously address the addiction and alter the patterns of behaviors and thoughts that contribute towards the addiction. Evidenced-based studies have found that people suffering from a pornography addiction respond positively to both physiological and psychosocial treatments. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help those struggling with a porn addiction to effectively alter their negative behaviors and deal with some underlying emotional issues that might be contributing to their addiction. Support classes along with 12-Step programs (Sex Addicts Anonymous, etc.) have additionally shown to be particularly helpful in pornography addicts recovering and maintaining sobriety.

In some instances, pornography and other sexual addictions are associated with mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and also post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Therefore, recovery for porn addiction requires a dual-diagnosis treatment program as well.

In the event that you’re addicted to porn and have tried to stop unsuccessfully on your own, it may be time to seek help. Realize that you are not alone in this struggle and that there are rehabilitation opportunities out there. In the event that you’re ready to get control on your life once again; contact a dedicated treatment provider at Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers to learn more about your options.

Porn addiction is a lot more common than you might think. A pornography addict sees a video or image; masturbates to it, after which reaps the dopamine reward. Therefore, the images now become associated with all the feeling of an orgasm. The orgasm’s rush of endorphins provides a pretty strong incentive; in which it leads to what is called a “process addiction.” 

This means that you end up watching porn compulsively, which has lots of negative ramifications and might require porn addiction therapy in order to fully recover. There are a few important things to consider when it comes to porn addiction. Behavioral addictions like porn addiction might not seem too debilitating as other dependency issues, but avoid being fooled; these types of addictions can be consuming and compulsive.

It is natural to be a tiny apprehensive about admitting a problem because a porn addiction can have a significant impact on your relationships and everyday life. In the event you would prefer porn over sex; you might find that you actually have a porn addiction. Contact Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers today to get the help you want! 

Most likely your relationships are breaking down because of porn (including family and social relationships). When looking for help, it is best to first talk with someone that has experience treating behavioral addictions; as they will know the best course of action to take. Are you concerned that you might be suffering from a porn addiction? You really do not have to battle it alone. Call us today!

Choosing the Best Porn Addiction Recovery Program

The next stage is to find a pornography addiction treatment center which can be a little baffling. Where do you proceed? How would you pick?

In the beginning, you will have to look at your personal behaviors. Do you prefer to deal with it in a religious manner or any other specific method? Spiritual pornography addiction treatments tend to emphasize some sort of higher power to direct you through the process; and to some this can be considered a source of comfort. If you’d rather deal with your addiction without invoking religion (higher power), you may do better in a non-12 Step pornography addiction treatment.

The next step is to consider distance. How far from home are you willing to travel? Some clients want to escape their personal environment and therefore need to get away from computers and internet in to have any real chance of recovery; although in most cases many cannot afford to take time away from home and work. In the event you have to keep your job and home life intact; you will have to drive to treatment each day or weekly. This means you will pick a pornography addiction treatment that is nearest to you.

You also need to consider whether you want/need to attend an inpatient pornography addiction treatment center or an outpatient pornography addiction treatment center. Inpatient rehabs are more expensive, but they offer an increased probability of getting clean, since they break the cycle of addiction and allow you to work by way of treatment without any accessibility to pornography.

Outpatient programs, where you only come in for your counseling and therapy sessions would be the best option for someone who cannot take time off from home or work. Just make sure you are fully committed to your recovery, because there isn’t any drug test for porn watching. You may even want to get rid of internet access or block certain websites during your treatment process. No matter which type of pornography addiction treatment you decide on doing; Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers is fully licensed to provide both!

Deciding to Get Help for Porn Addiction

The problem with addiction is that it causes chemical changes in the brain; whether it’s an addiction to heroin or methamphetamine or an addiction to porn; its all the same! Unfortunately, behavioral addictions are infrequently talked about and so are often completely misunderstood. The American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has published a group of guidelines (the ABCDE version) for defining addiction:

Abstinence inability


Diminished ability to comprehend significant issues

Emotional response is dysfunctional

Ultimately, any kind of addiction necessitates treatment, and it’s critical that you seek help. Although porn addiction might not be known diagnostically as of yet; it can still cause great distress in those that are suffering from mandatory porn compulsions.

Porn addiction is not known in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V); however some research includes excessive pornography consumption under the umbrella terms of sexual addiction or hyper-sexual disorder. Some pornography circumstances could possibly be the same as described in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition of a sexual behavior disorder. Which is a condition where a person’s compulsion to perform certain sexual routines is so overwhelming that they will fail in their health, personal responsibilities as well as other hobbies in favor of these ongoing compulsions. Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers is more than willing to consult with you about the different pornography addiction treatment options available to you. 

Information on Porn Addiction Rehab

The benefits of rehab are frequently known within the treatment of a substance use disorder. By means of evidence-based medical and mental interventions; clients can safely detoxify and withdrawal from the substance of their addiction whilst learning to control their cravings and prevent future relapses; and handle any underlying mental health issues simultaneously. Not all of the medical protocols utilized in substance addiction rehab will help people who are suffering from a porn addiction; but there is counseling and therapy available which is very helpful. 

Not all rehab centers will admit a client for porn addiction or other compulsive sexual behaviors. It will take many hours of research of the different pornography addiction treatment centers and individual practitioners before finding the appropriate match. Please make sure to put in the time necessary to get the best help your addiction deserves? To speed things up, you can always give Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers a call and we would be happy to get you on the right path!

Inpatient treatment for porn addiction is best for those people who have seen a significant decline in their quality of life. If the disease of addiction progresses too long; it can damage relationships as well as a person’s health and reputation within the community. Outpatient treatment is better suited for men and women in the early stages of the disease; or people who have lately finished an inpatient program and are prepared to progress to a less intensive level of care.

Normally, our pornography addiction treatment lasts for a minimum of 1 month; however, longer treatment options are offered for those that require more help. People often remain in treatment for 60 to 90 days, and even longer for extreme circumstances. In most cases our clients stay at our center for inpatient treatment around 30 to 45 days and continue to visit us for outpatient treatment.

When you are admitted to our pornography addiction treatment; the first thing to happen is that you’ll talk to one of our counselors. The adviser will ask you a number of questions about your substance use and other meaningful behavioral topics. It is crucial to answer these questions honestly because they will be used to make a plan for your ongoing treatment.

After admission, your therapy will begin. Our key focus is on your individual therapy. It is important for you to be as open and honest in your trauma-based sessions as possible, so you get the maximum benefit to your healing. We will also offer you a large amount of group and recreational therapy as well.

Paying for our residential pornography addiction treatment is simpler than you think. It can be costly; but most insurance plans will cover the majority of your treatment. In addition, we have the ability to offer financing options so you do not have to pay a huge sum all at once. 

When considering pornography addiction treatment, you ought to decide the best location for your treatment. Some men and women want to keep near to home to be close to family members for support and family therapy. Other people would rather get out for a new beginning in treatment. Deciding what you wish to get out of your treatment is essential in making the right location work for your personal desires.

Before seeking help, you will find various things you should research in depth. Learning about the varieties of treatments offered at Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers; you can rest assured we have your best interest in mind. 12-Step programs are an excellent means of guidance during and after our treatment services. When a household member refuses to admit that they have an issue, learn about our intervention service as this might possibly be the extra push that person needs to seek after treatment.

Before entering our pornography addiction treatment, it is in your best interest to admit that a problem exists. While treatment can be helpful when it is involuntary; it is a whole lot more inclined to ensure success if you understand your issue and want to fix it. Let us help you decide if you have a debilitating porn addiction or not. 

When management/business duties are deterring you from looking for help for a problem with porn addiction; our executive pornography addiction treatment center is invaluable. We leverage highly rated substance abuse and behavioral addiction treatments with the flexibility of occasional computer and mobile accessibility. We allow our business clientele to keep up with professional requirements. 

Our substance abuse and behavior treatment clinic furnishes the top-shelf amenities you’d be expecting to enjoy only in America’s best hotels; with your enjoyment and well-being being the focus of our attention. We offer the highest-quality drug abuse and behavior treatment for yourself or someone close to you in a compassionate, private and comfortable manner. 

Utah Pornography Addiction Help

Should you or a loved one suffer from a pornography addiction, Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers can help! We are no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all pornography addiction type of pornography addiction treatment. Our clients work with counselors and therapists, along with recovery sex addiction specialists to create a personalized program that meets your specific wants and vision. Call us today to take advantage of our completely free consultation to see if we are the right fit for you. 

An increasing number of men and women of all ages present with the signs of a pornography addiction equal to those with officially recognized addictions, such as gambling and/or drugs and alcohol. Pornography addiction might seem fun and benign in the moment; but it has serious, long-term consequences for the addict and their family. Porn addiction takes hold of the person’s mind and body, driving them to indulge in pornography no matter their situation or the possible consequences. 

These consequences can be a lot more serious compared to the embarrassment of getting caught with porn. Men and women have lost their loved ones, jobs, as well as faced legal action because of the untreated addiction. If you are ready to address your pornography issue once and for all, give us a call today!

An addiction to pornography is a variation of sexual addiction. Pornography addiction is defined as, “A problematic preoccupation with sexualized imagery that lasts seven months or longer and causes significant issues in the user’s life. Porn addiction works very similarly to almost any other kind of addiction. It begins when an intense stimulation, in this scenario, a sensual image, causes the brain to release a flood of feel-good dopamine; in which the person naturally wants to experience that rush again. 

Unfortunately, your brain is working against you. With time, your brain adapts to these surges of dopamine. Longer exposure to a lot more intense forms of pornography is required to achieve the same past experiences. The brain’s neuro-chemicals grow out of equilibrium; thus attempting to stop contributes to experiencing withdrawal, physical and emotional lows.

Utah State University has been studying the cycle of porn addiction for some time. Researchers there have discovered that even though Utah does not have larger rates of porn consumption in comparison to other states in the nation; many Utahans experience far more distress from it. Pornography use conflicts with their faith and fundamental values and can create severe social consequences. Unfortunately, porn addiction is extremely easy to indulge in. Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s readily and inexpensively on virtually all forms of media and shows no signs of slowing down.

Here Are The Main Indicators of A Pornography Addiction:

  • Viewing pornography for multiple hours daily 
  • Compulsive masturbation especially at inappropriate times
  • Turning to porn when stressed, angry or bored 
  • Using it as an unhealthy crutch to take care of unpleasant emotions and daily lifestyle challenges
  • Use of porn is interfering with daily life and responsibilities
  • Seeking more intense and edgy forms of porn as gentler depictions no longer stimulate
  • Sexual dysfunction when attempting healthy lovemaking with a caring partner
  • Porn use continues even with acute consequences like damaged relationships or job loss
  • Emotional distress when attempting to give up porn coupled with an awareness of withdrawal
  • Failed multiple attempts to quit porn with relapses occurring within a few days of every attempt

When you examine this list, would you distinguish yourself or someone you love as displaying these symptoms? Pornography addiction can be frighteningly strong, but with our pornography treatment program, it can be defeated. Give Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers a call today!

Overcoming Your Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction can be an isolating experience. Porn is readily available just about anywhere. From super-market bookshelves to mobile phones; and a lot of individuals in our society dismiss viewing porn as no problem and even something healthy to everyday life if done in moderation. Others may shame the porn addict; telling them to, “Grow up and to just stop already.”

The superior news is that, while pornography addiction can be serious; sufferers typically respond well with our porn addiction-focused therapy and treatments. These techniques might include cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, EMDR and heart view restructuring. These are just a few of the many amazing approaches we utilize to help you get the results you desire. 

If your life is unhealthy and out of control; congratulations! You’ve taken the very first step and confessed there is an issue. The next thing to do is to break loose of isolation and call us for help. Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers can help you achieve the well-balanced life you have always dreamed of achieving. 

Your Partner in Pornography Addiction Recovery

Are you or someone you love dealing with the addiction to pornography? Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers can direct you to a healthier lifestyle. Our staff uses evidence-based methods to treat porn addiction. Our treatment plans are customized to meet your individual needs and goals. We care about your journey to a porn-free life and will check up on you frequently in the months and years upon your graduation of our program to make sure our processes are working for you personally on a long-term basis.

The inviting community and sex addiction certified therapists at Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers have helped men and women of all ages rediscover their true selves and regain strength in their lives. By contacting us, you are taking the first step to a very bright future. Let Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers help you rebuild healthy relationships and find lasting stability.

Since the internet came along; pornography addiction has become a private issue for many across the United States. According to research; approximately 40 million Americans turn to pornography on a regular basis and many of them go on to become severely addicted. This is the reason our pornography addiction treatment is so critical for a lasting change. By participating in our pornography addiction treatment center in Utah; you have a cure for recovery. 

The pornography industry has grown quite a bit in the last several years but not without social, financial and moral consequences. Pornography has a negative effect on families according to the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families. Almost 50% of people that have porn in their home report that it’s a problem. 40% of self-identified porn addicts lose their spouse and 7% lose their job due to their addiction. Pornography addiction also is devastating for young people; often hindering their sexual development, increasing the risk of pregnancy and leading into depression. 

Porn Abuse Statistics

With the sum of pornography available on the internet; it’s not surprising that so many people are consuming it daily. The following numbers listed below are staggering:

  • There are approximately 50,000 searches for porn every 60 seconds
  • Every day there are 6-8 million internet search queries on porn
  • Of all internet downloads; 35% are pornography related
  • Pornography increases the odds of infidelity of a spouse by more than 300%

With the simplicity of obtaining pornographic material; these amounts will only increase as time goes on. Porn addiction is really no different from any other addiction. Some may think that the person who becomes addicted to pornography has stronger sexual urges but this thinking is not suspended in truth. Porn addiction usually indicates a person has developed a compulsive or addictive mental health disorder. 

Porn appears to become the outlet for many diverse compulsions and personal issues. When people engage in sexual activities; it can trigger the discharge of various chemical compounds in your brain. These compounds make the person feel rejuvenated. Because the feeling is really strong; the person yields to those feelings. Addiction happens when a person’s behavior is interfering with their own life and other relationships.

When someone becomes addicted to pornography; they need the help of our specialists to break loose from their addiction. Since porn addiction is much more severe than any other addictive behavior; it cannot be treated equally as a gambling or substance abuse issue. Here are some of the more popular successful porn addiction treatments that Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers provides:

Individual Therapy

Trauma-Based Therapy


Mental Health Therapy

Trauma-Informed Care Center

Group Therapy


EMDR Treatment


Faith Based

Family Therapy

Gender-specific Groups

Psycho-educational Sessions focusing on Sexual Topics

12-Step Program for Sex Addiction

Ability Building Therapy

Relapse Prevention


Holistic Therapy

Bio Sound Therapy


Recreational Therapy

Psychodrama therapy

Finding True And Lasting Help At Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers

When you need porn addiction treatment in Utah, our pornography addiction treatment center is the place to begin your journey. We specialize in addiction behavior offering personalized addiction treatment programs. Our compassionate and professional team is experienced in guiding clients through the actions of recovery. 

We help you get to the center of the issue so that healing is possible. Don’t let porn addiction damage your future. Attend our pornography addiction treatment that will help you overcome your personal problems. 

Contact us today, and we will get you on the right path to healing. The very first step into stopping porn addiction comes from the same medium that helped contribute to your addiction; which is, the internet. The solitude of an internet search can make you feel safe enough to reach out and seek help from Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers for the first time. 

Despite social and clinical controversy about whether pornography addiction is actually a mental disorder or not; you can find there are many various resources for pornography addiction treatment. Popular interventions include certain types of therapy that are successful in treating a wide range of behavioral health conditions. Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers always uses the most up to date cutting-edge modalities to ensure lasting results.  

The main form of treatment for compulsive pornography use is pornography addiction treatment. Many treatments that we offer can help men and women achieve independence from pornography use. Like many behavioral addictions; porn addiction affects brain chemistry. Porn addiction treatment using anti-depressants or other medications that regulate brain compounds is infrequent. The physiological hazards related to addictive behavior can always be dealt with by means of a reversal of the behavior(s) that initially triggered them. Below is a list of some of the more popular treatment modalities that Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers is proficient in:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most commonly researched and effective mental health interventions. Applicable to a wide range of disorders, CBT targets distressing signs and gives our clients useful methods to use outside of the therapy room. Studies support the use of CBT to treat personality, mood, anxiety, eating and substance use disorders. Research also supports using CBT to treat internet addiction.

The purpose of cognitive behavioral therapy is to help men and women research the connection among their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. When used to treat urge control or depressive disorders; CBT often focuses on identifying thoughts or environmental cues that activate the conduct men and women want to change. The philosophy of CBT is that it is easier to identify and change distorted thoughts that drive unpleasant emotional states and reactive behavior patterns; than to address behavior directly. Reframing negative thought patterns can help you shift how you feel and act.

Some CBT processes are cognitive; such as challenging beliefs about sexuality that contribute to compulsive pornography use. Our CBT strategies are behavioral; such as having you go to a secure place at which you are less inclined to use porn at times you feel most like “acting out.” A therapist at Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers that uses CBT may help those who are addicted to pornography develop alternative strategies to cope with causes that previously drove them to use porn in the first place.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a particular type of CBT that can be effective for clientele with pornography use disorders. Therapists at Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers who exercise ACT encourage the clients to recognize triggering thoughts than to practice methods to simply accept the thoughts without reacting to them. 

This is different from CBT in that there is no stress for individuals to change their thought patterns; only to change how they respond in their mind. One analysis of people receiving treatment for porn addiction found that (8) 1 and a half-hour ACT sessions reduced porn viewing by 85%. This shift remained consistent within a three-month interval.

Dialectical Behavioral  Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is another variation of CBT that can be used to treat porn addiction. DBT was originally created for its treatment of borderline personality disorder. DBT is a great treatment for other disorders, including trauma-related and substance use disorders as well.

In DBT, people study and exercise skills that help them improve emotional regulation, interpersonal interaction and distress tolerance. DBT is rooted in both cognitive and mindfulness-based practices. Like ACT, dialectical behavioral therapy helps men and women learn how to recognize and also take distressing thoughts and emotions without acting upon them. Grounding and relaxation processes complement the DBT work to create a wise mind and also the ability to detect internal reactions without judgment. 

These aspects of DBT make it particularly powerful in treating conditions that evoke shame. By practicing radical approval of self and others and learning how to really hold a non-judgmental attitude; people who participate in DBT can counter internal narratives that drive feelings of embarrassment or self-loathing. Some individuals begin to use porn in response to feelings of shame across his or her sexuality. By examining and doing the necessary work to discharge such feelings; individuals can be freed from their powerful forces that drive the compulsive desire for porn. 

Psychodynamic Therapy

psycho-dynamic therapy is a traditional kind of therapy based on concepts that drive and conceal motivations for your behavior. You will find many unique kinds of psychodynamic therapy; but nearly all of these concentrate on exploring early childhood experiences that shaped your grownup behavior. Psychodynamic therapy works in treating conditions rooted in trauma. 

For people whose mental health conditions have been formed through childhood experiences; insight into toxic events in their past can help them understand the reason why they feel a certain way and start releasing those negative feelings. For some clients; pornography use disorders derive from early experiences that made them feel ashamed about their sexuality which caused the detrimental emotional results. 

Connecting feelings of shame or stress to past interactions with clients can help men and women question the beliefs that first drove those feelings. Ultimately, this alleviates shame and diminishes its ability to drive a client’s behavior. Give Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers a call today to see if our pornography addiction treatment is right for you! 

Partners Therapy Counseling

Pornography addiction can have negative effects on intimate partner relationships. Depending on if one or the other in a relationship is addicted to it; then porn can cause one or both partners to experience: diminished sexual interest, lowered sexual responsiveness and sometimes a complete loss of sexual desire. Porn addiction can even nurture attitudes or perceptions about sex that an intimate partner finds hurtful or alienating. 

For these reasons; couples therapy counseling can become a main intervention for men and women who are addicted to pornography. Our pornography addiction treatment therapist’s advise the couples with procedures similar to that of family therapy or structural therapy; which focuses on illuminating the unspoken dynamics and rules that drive functional problems in families and couples. Case studies show that structural therapy can be useful for partners struggling with the consequences of porn addiction.

Faith-Based Treatment

The greatest source of discomfort for many who use pornography on a regular basis is the conflict among their behavior as well as their connection to faith and/or religion. They could possibly be drawn to certain sexual behavior that is specifically troubling or may consider some other use of porn which is a violation of the tenets of their faith. This conflict can increase feelings of stress, fear and shame. 

For clients struggling with these issues; our faith-based porn addiction treatment is an equally important option. Our sex addiction certified therapists are able to conduct both individual, group and couples sessions use a faith-based strategy. Give Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers a call today to see if our faith-based program is right for you!

Porn Addiction Support Groups

People who have pornography addictions are often afraid of public exposure of their addiction along with others judging them. This anxiety can keep them from reaching out for help. Talking to peers who have fought with the same issue(s) can counter stigma and inspire individuals to adopt the expectation of recovery.

Finding a porn addiction service group along with a sexual addiction recovery meeting can help people build healing relationships while taking steps to bettering their lives and to of course reach lasting recovery. Below is a list of the more popular 12-Step groups that can help you with your pornography addiction:

Sexaholics Anonymous

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Sexual Recovery Anonymous

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Pornography Addicts Anonymous

In these free self-help meetings, individuals can find accountability and advice alongside a sense of connection with others that bolster recovery. If you have attended these type of meetings on your own and they just don’t seem to help; then it may be time to get more professional help. Give Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers a call today to learn how we can best serve your personal needs.

Porn Addiction Hotline

Getting help for your pornography addiction at a pornography addiction treatment center can be daunting. The worries that are involved with sexual addictions make it difficult for people to find out their options in a way that risk social exposure. Fortunately, it is possible to talk anonymously with someone about your pornography addiction. A lot of treatment providers offer their own porn addiction hotlines; and other national hotlines exist as a very good resource. Some of the more well known numbers you can call include:

Addictions Hotline: (844) 276-2777

Sexaholics Anonymous: (866) 424-8777

Sex Addicts Anonymous: (800) 477-8191

National Institute on Drug Abuse: (800) 622-4357

U. S. Department of Health and Human Services: (800) 662-4357

All These hotlines typically operate 24 hours/day and can provide everything from immediate counseling and service to information about local treatment programs along with local support groups and meetings. As always; feel free to contact Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers for a private and confidential as well as compassionate conversation to get you started in the right direction. 

Treating Porn Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders

Substance abuse and diverse behavioral addictions frequently co-occur with pornography addiction. Sometimes one condition drives the development of another; while at other times, a number of conditions can derive from the single cause; such as a traumatic experience or a period of elevated stress. In summary, a co-occurring (dual diagnosis) disorder is very common with those who also have a porn addiction. 

Depressive and anxiety disorders are the most common mental health conditions in the United States; not including conditions chiefly driven by genetics and biochemistry, such as schizophrenia and bi polar disorder. Anxiety and depression can be caused by fluctuations in cognitive processes alone. In other words, although stressful or demoralizing conditions cannot make a person bipolar or to become someone who is now suffering from schizophrenia; they can make people nervous and/or depressed. When someone does not currently have any of these conditions; the stress, tenderness and negative effects of porn addiction can cause them to grow.

Unfortunately; regardless of their incidence, a lot of men and women are not diagnosed or treated for anxiety or psychiatric disorders. When untreated, co-occurring mental health conditions, substance use and addictive disorders can heighten the risk of many negative outcomes. The main ones include medical, legal, occupational, financial and interpersonal problems. People with comorbid conditions have a larger risk of hospitalization and suicide.

Fortunately, there is hope. Research shows that folks who have integrated treatment, or simultaneous linked interventions for a number of conditions; have better overall treatment outcomes. Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers offers the most state-of-the-art integrated treatment programs for people with co-occurring disorders.

Our clients with porn addiction and co-occurring disorders work on developing relapse prevention strategies whilst receiving therapy or medication to treat an underlying mental health condition. Addressing outward symptoms of stress and depression can make it a lot easier for people to stick to a treatment plan and can diminish psychological causes to resume porn use.

Several things can make recovery from their porn addiction seem daunting. Pornography is increasingly accessible and often advertised in everyday mediums such as television, radio, billboards, etc. Porn addiction is a lot easier to hide than other addictions that have significantly more noticeable consequences. Absence of clinical and social consensus about the nature and effect of using porn creates a confusing atmosphere and sends mixed messages to those that are thinking about quitting once and for all.

However, help is secured in the powerful recovery community that is found by those seeking to leave porn addiction behind. Connecting with other men and women who have determined they want to be totally free of their pornography chains that bind them can inspire a lasting commitment for recovery. If you are ready to get more involved with a healthy recovery group; give Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers pornography addiction treatment program a call today!

Once you start our program; you will see you are not alone. You will see many others that are in the same boat as you as far as seeking recovery from porn addiction. You will learn to trust and open up and share in order to truly heal. You will have an equal access to either a non-secular or faith-based support groups and therapy. You will see that Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers gives their clients sacred space and time whereby you can finally understand your triggers and overcome judgement.

In the event that you might be struggling with substance use and also looking for pornography addiction treatment help, there is always hope. Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers provides integrated treatment for individuals with co-occurring substance and behavioral addictions in addition to outpatient pornography addiction treatment services. If you require help with substance abuse along with other disorders, contact a representative from Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers now to learn about treatment options that can help you on your path for true and lasting recovery.

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