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Tips from Former Addicts Who Went Through Rehab

If you’re about to go into addiction recovery or rehab, you’re not alone! People just like you have gone through rehabs in Utah and have learned the five lessons below that will help you get through it, too—and to really thrive.

Commit to the Process

Brain scans have shown that the brain of a person suffering with addiction physically changes for the better after about 15 months of recovery. So, don’t expect instant relief, but if you stick with it and get the initial 15 months of work done, you’ll build a foundation that you can rely on for the rest of your life. It’s like remodeling a living room: you reupholster the furniture, paint the walls, change the windows, build a new section. Each part takes special care and time. And you keep at it until it’s done!

Take Care of Your Physical Health

People use addictions to relieve bad feelings. But you can get good feelings from healthy exercise and nutrition. Even a 15-minute walk can improve your mood and help you think totally new thoughts about issues. Have you ever noticed how bad you can feel after processed snacks and fast food? Reach for a home-cooked meal or healthy snack instead.

Upgrade Your Environment and Hobbies

When you get back from rehab, make a friendly environment for yourself with healthy activities that make you smile, laugh, and love. Spend time around people who are doing good things in life, instead of people who are self-destructive. Learn new skills. Read a book on healthy relationships. Set a goal in an interesting hobby.

If You Fall Off the Wagon, Get Back On

This is a very important phrase to remember and repeat. Put it on a piece of paper where you’ll see it every day. Your goal is to stop doing self-destructive things completely. So, if you make one mistake, it definitely isn’t going to help to do even more self-destructive things! The mentality that says I already failed so what’s the point in trying? is destructive. Just get back into the recovery process as soon as possible.

Start Your Relationship with a Higher Power

There’s a hunger inside all of us that can only be filled with the unconditional love and hope that come from knowing a Higher Power. So, start your relationship with that Power right away! Don’t wait until circumstances force you to. Don’t keep trying unsuccessfully to feed that hunger through addictive patterns. You have access to Infinite Power that can help…any time.

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