The Truth About Comfort Food and Eating Disorder Treatment in Utah

The Truth About Comfort Food and Eating Disorder Treatment in Utah

We often talk about comfort food in a lighthearted manner. In many instances, it is. Food has an emotional element that can remind us of fond memories, growing up, or special occasions. In these cases, the comfort that comes from food is secondary to the nourishment it provides. However, just like a lot of things, using food primarily as a form of comfort has deeper causes and can lead to problems. So how can this happen, how do we recognize signs of a problem, and what can we do about it?

Emotional Eating

It can be difficult tying a term like comfort food to a more serious thing like eating disorders. However, that is what emotional eating that disrupts normal eating behavior becomes. By definition, an eating disorder disrupts the natural amounts of food we take in. Emotional eating typically involves binge eating, which is consuming more food than a person usually eats. A binge eating disorder typically means eating more food than normal at least twice per week over a period of six months. It often includes eating quickly with little or no distinction regarding what is eaten.

Eating Disorder Treatment in Utah

Binge eating has a number of negative consequences. Unlike some eating disorders, binge eaters do not purge their food afterward. The result is weight gain that adds to a person’s sense of guilt. This exacerbates the deep down feelings like depression or anxiety that led to the binge eating in the first place.

Fortunately, there is help. Options for eating disorder treatment in Utah include personalized care for binge eating. Trained experts help address the reasons for overeating and how it makes a person feel. Treatment for eating disorders also helps people focus on the issues they tend to avoid through eating and how to deal with them in healthy ways.

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