4 Ways to Encourage a Loved One To Go To Rehab

4 Ways to Encourage a Loved One To Go To Rehab

Addiction is never easy to talk about, especially with those you care about the most. Family and friends who are addicted to drugs, painkillers, or even pornography don’t always see how they are hurting themselves—and others.

Bringing up addiction recovery is not the easiest topic. Yes, you may love the person you are trying to help, but there is no simple route to take. Some people seek help and recover the first time, but more often, it can sometimes take years to get clean. Confronting someone with an addiction can create a rift between you, backfiring and turning a loving motive into something that could harm the friendship for years.

Addiction recovery in Utah is here, though. Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers understands the steps necessary both to approaching a loved one and encouraging them to find help.

Recognize the Signs

There are many signs to addiction, no matter what that addiction might be. Changes in behavior at home and work are big indicators. People may become irrational and irritable, making it difficult to be around them.

If you suspect drug use, physical appearance may indicate addiction. Often, people who go through drug use experience external changes on their skin, their hair, how they smell and even how they dress.

One specific change to look for is how someone with an addiction treats small things, like questions or requests for help around the house. If you ask them to accomplish a task yet they continually come up with excuses and are quick to anger after confronting them, this may be a sign they need help.

Encourage, Don’t Accuse

It’s a battle, trying to figure out if someone has an addiction. But, being confrontational is the worst way to go about things. It’s rare that an addict will come right out and admit to an addiction. No matter how you find out, it’s your job to encourage addiction help in Utah.

Don’t blame the person for what’s happening to them, their friends, or their family. Your job isn’t to make them feel bad about addiction, your job is to love, encourage, and support their desires to change—even if it takes a while.

The difficult part is making sure they don’t take advantage of your kindness as they go through their recovery.

Be Honest

Being honest is tough and there is a balance to make sure it doesn’t come off as an accusation. Be upfront about how their abuse is hurting you and those around them. Honestly, they may not understand how their addiction hurts others.

Show your concern through caring mannerisms that also encourage seeking addiction recovery. If you don’t communicate how you feel about their addiction, they may never know they have a problem and in turn, look for help.

Research Treatment Options

There are many options for addiction recovery in Utah and every treatment is unique. That’s why it’s important to look at various options for recovery. Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers takes a special, tailored approach to ensure your loved ones get the help they deserve.

Our program focuses on helping the person detoxify from their addiction through unique programs. These programs extend far beyond when they walk through our doors. Recovery is not a one-time deal and reaches well into years after the initial diagnosis.

Through love and encouragement from you, we can help those you know with addiction recovery. If you know someone who needs an extra helping hand to overcome their addictions, contact us. There’s never going to be a “right” time, so reach out before it’s too late.

We’re here to help!