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Moving Forward After Rehab

Congratulations on successfully making it through rehab. Addiction recovery is a huge accomplishment that anyone should be proud of because the changes you’ve made represents determination, character, and strong willpower. You now have a chance for a fresh start and a new life.

Leaving rehab is an important milestone full of unknowns since you’ll be leaving the structured confines of your treatment center. It may feel scary to be left to your own devices, but there are steps to ensure you continue on the same path. Here are some tips from Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers on moving forward after rehab.

  1. Live without regrets. History is something that simply can’t be changed, so choose to embrace the here and now without dwelling on the past. Though some of your past life choices may feel like they’re coming back to haunt you, do your best to move forward and live in the present.
  2. Be confident. There’s nothing to throw you off course like a huge blow to your confidence. Your thoughts have a strong correlation with action, so believe that you can stay on your path. Record your thoughts in a journal and recite positive affirmations in your mind.
  3. Adjust your social circles. You may need to change your friend group when you leave rehab, and that’s okay. Associate with people who will bring a good influence into your life and won’t tempt you to head back down the road you were on before rehab.
  4. Set goals. If you don’t have a vision of the future, it will be hard to stay on track. Set goals for where you want to be in one month, one year, and even five years from now. Goals will help you stay busy and keep positive thoughts in mind when things get hard.
  5. Stay busy. Idle time can lead to bad choices, so make sure you keep busy once you’re out of rehab. If necessary, find a new job that brings meaning to your life. Develop an exercise routine, learn to cook, and find other hobbies to bring enjoyment to life. Filling your time with new activities will bring meaning, happiness, and distraction.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to move forward after rehab, Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers can help. Talk to someone from their helpful team via the 24-hour hotline, or send an email here.