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Keeping Your Alcohol Addiction in the Past

Defeating your alcohol addiction was one grand leap in your journey to freedom. What comes next is a lifetime test of your strength and will: perpetual sobriety—or in other words, avoiding a relapse.

Sadly, relapse happens more often than anyone cares to admit, despite efforts put forth by alcohol rehab centers in Utah. You’ve made it this far and you can stay sober for good with these three crucial tips for coping with past addiction.

Don’t Test Your Limits

Now is not the time to test your limits or try and prove yourself. It is imperative that you avoid triggers during your recovery, whether those triggers are people, types of music, or actions. By the time you graduate from rehab, you’ll know what your triggers are and how best to avoid them.

Continue Effective Recovery

All competent alcohol rehab centers in Utah will offer some form of continued recovery assistance and we highly suggest you take advantage of it. Additionally, there are many free groups like AA that you can join and attend at will.

In addition to continued community recovery, you should also remember to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. The real world—as you know—is full of unexpected turns and pitfalls. You can counter the stress that comes with life by practicing mindfulness.

Keep Good Company

It is not uncommon for an individual or a group to pose as a trigger and a very poor influence. Once you’ve graduated from rehab and kicked your alcohol addiction, it may be wise to seek out a new tribe. Make an effort to surround yourself with supportive and positive influences who can assist you on your road to recovery. This might mean saying goodbye to some close friends or family members, but remember, the separation doesn’t have to be a permanent one.

Alcohol Rehab in Utah

Whether you’re ready to begin your journey to sobriety or are looking for continued recovery options, our experts at Utah Trauma & Addiction Centers are waiting to assist you. Contact us today for more information and good luck on your path to recovery.