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Breaking Bad Habits and Forming New Habits

When people work on breaking bad habits, whether it’s an addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, or too much TV, they often focus on just breaking that one habit. But when you put your energy on the bad, you tend to get discouraged and not look for the good. By creating new habits instead of focusing on the bad ones, you find fulfillment in your life you might not have had before.

Your bad habits are already interrupting how you live, so don’t give them any more power than they deserve. We understand the negative effects that bad habits and addiction can have on someone. That’s why we’ve put together these steps to get you started on the road to forming new, positive habits.

What’s Causing Bad Habits to Form

Start changing your habits by paying attention to what’s triggering them. Look at your environment, your social situations, and friends. Are there things or people that are reinforcing bad habits? For example, if you struggle with smoking and drinking, don’t go to a bar with friends who participate in these activities. Tell them they are habits you’re trying to break.

When you figure out what’s causing you to keep your bad habits, this allows you to take control over how you get yourself into situations that encourage the behavior, so you can have stronger control over the outcomes at the end of the day.

Make Goals Manageable

Nothing kills the flow of habit-forming than striving for more than is possible. It’s still true that anything is possible with practice, but you have to be able to accomplish little goals along the road, not just one big goal.

Go easy on yourself when trying to break a bad habit. Perfection is unattainable, and that kind of thinking is contrary to your work ahead. Setbacks are normal, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you slip. Remember, you’ve been practicing bad habits for years! It will take time.

Whether it’s drinking, drugs, food, or whatever, breaking those bad habits isn’t instantaneous. Break down your goals into smaller goals, allowing you to feel the thrill of achieving each little victory. They add up and motivate you into reaching your big goal!

Be Patient with Yourself

This is another reminder to start forming good goals to help drive your focus to something positive.

Join Forces

You don’t have to try to break bad addiction habits by yourself. There are people everywhere striving to better themselves, just like you! Emotional intelligence is all about controlling your emotions over a habit, which can be reinforced by a positive group of friends.

From exercising to eating well and even quitting smoking, pairing up with someone who values the same things can improve your success rate as you work to break bad habits.

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