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Readjusting to Life Post Sex Addiction Rehab

Learning how to live a new version of normal post-addiction is hard. Especially with an addiction like sex addiction, finding a balance of healthy sexual activity can be difficult after sex addiction rehab. It is wholly unreasonable to assume that an individual would take on a life of celibacy after seeking sex addiction treatment — so balance is an essential element of post-addiction life.

Remember What You Learned in Sex Addiction Rehab

Remembering what you learned in sex addiction rehab can help you navigate life post-sex addiction. Throughout your sex addiction treatment, certified specialist provided you with tools to navigate your feelings, emotions, urges, and behaviors. You were also given the tools to cope with the stumbling blocks that you may find in your path. Stick to the post-addiction recovery plan you created for yourself while in sex addiction rehab. This plan is a good guideline for you to gauge your progress against.

Life After Sex Addiction Treatment in Utah

After treatment, life is not the same as it was before — so don’t hold yourself to an achievable or unrealistic standard. Keep in touch with your rehab support system after you have completed formal treatment and continue to rely on friends and family for love and support. If you are in a committed relationship, continue seeking guidance and help as you heal wounds and move forward.

Set rules and boundaries for yourself and with your partner if you are in a relationship. These rules and boundaries will keep you safe and give you an open channel of communication.

It is important to remember your past, but it is more important not to dwell on it, to forgive yourself, and to move forward. Your past does not define you, and even a difficult past can influence your future in positive ways. If you feel yourself being drawn to relapse, practice self-compassion and reach out to a trusted member of your support group. If you do relapse, know that it is not the end — the most important thing is that you continue on even after a mistake. In the event of a relapse, contact your support system from sex addiction rehab for additional help and resources.

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