Utah Drug Rehab

utah drug rehabIf you are concerned that a family member has a problem with drugs, you may be searching for the right Utah Drug Rehab Center. At Utah Addiction Centers, we understand and are compassionate about your needs as well as the needs of your family members. We pride ourselves on identifying the reasons people tend to self medicate and tailoring our program to the needs of the family as well as the needs of the addict.

You may wonder what drug addiction is and if your loved one needs drug rehab. Below are the answers to some of your concerns.

Is Drug Addiction a Mental Illness?

Addiction to drugs causes your brain to change in many ways. Anything that alters the brain when it comes to needs and desires causing a change in compulsive behavior is considered to be a mental illness. However, be assured that with the right drug rehab program and aftercare, your loved one can live a full life without any dependence on drugs. At Utah Addiction Centers, we provide intensive individual and group therapy, medication management, psychological testing and anytime aftercare for life to help your loved one live a normal and happy life.

Drug Abuse versus Drug Dependence

Drug abuse begins when a person ingests a substance illegally or in excess quantities. Drug Dependence occurs when the brain becomes tolerant of a certain dose of drugs and needs or craves more and more to reach the same desired effect. Using a substance repeatedly is also a sign of drug dependence.

Another sign of drug dependence is withdrawal. This is where a person’s body may react in many different ways when it no longer receives the substance. Some examples of withdrawal are anxiety, depression, chills, sweats and paranoia. At Utah Addiction Centers, we understand the need for your loved one to have a caring staff that is trained in all aspects of withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Use and Other Mental Disorders

Many people who regularly abuse drugs are also diagnosed with mental disorders. Research shows that people depression treatment centerdiagnosed with mood or anxiety disorders are more likely to suffer from either drug abuse or drug dependence as well. While your loved one is in drug rehab at Utah Addiction Centers, they will also receive the keys needed to successfully live with mental disorders without the harmful effect of drug abuse.

Utah drug rehab center offers the best care available for those that suffer from addictive behavior disorders. We care about our patients and their families. We create a custom treatment plan for each person who comes to us, because everyone is unique. We not only offer the primary care needed to overcome addiction to drugs, we also provide extended care, where your loved one will face the deep-seeded issues of their addiction and learn how to move past those obstacles. It is also during extended care where your loved one will begin the process of creating their new life, free from the dependence of drugs. After extended care, we provide aftercare. It is during this step that your loved one will find the answers to creating life –long recovery and wellness. This step includes support groups, individual therapy and accountability options.

At Utah Addiction Centers, we know each life is precious, each person is unique. We take the time to consider all of the aspects of your loved ones life and tailor a program that will allow them to take their life back, while having the support and love from their family and our caring staff.

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