Family Therapy

Mental health issues including addiction to alcohol and drugs is never isolated to one person’s problems. That’s why we always welcome and encourage family support during the healing process. We invite and encourage Family members to attend and participate in our comprehensive family programs, including both individual and group sessions. The family program allows our clinical team to help the family work through any issues that need to be resolved. At Utah Addiction Centers, we have found that the development of meaningful, supportive relationships is a key principle for a lasting successful recovery. Our Family Therapy is a critical element in improving retention and well-being of our patients. The unique methods we have developed in our Family program have greatly improved the expected outcome of treatment. The patient’s successful can be measured in terms of positive changes in parenting, family management, bonding, and communication skills. The Family’s involvement in the patient’s healing process is crucial. It is very important for the patient to work with loved ones in developing the necessary skills to maintain healthy relationships.