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Rehab West Palm Beach

Rehab West Palm Beach

Do you or someone you love need rehab in West Palm Beach? If so, discover Daylight Detox & Recovery Center. We help people at different phases of their roads to recovery. We provide a clean, quiet, and safe drug and alcohol rehab with a professional staff dedicated to the recovery of each patient.

If you are struggling with substance abuse and can't stop using on your own strength, the first step is to separate yourself from the people, places, and things that are enabling or causing your addiction. Rehab is a great way to separate yourself from the madness and gain your sanity and composure once again.

A Rehab in West Palm Beach that Goes Above and Beyond for its Patients

At Daylight Detox & Recovery Center, we feel that it is our duty to help our clients at every step of the recovery process. Starting with detox, we help our patients break free from drugs and alcohol in a safe and controlled environment. Once the individual has detoxified safely, we then admit them into our inpatient rehab, which can last from 30 to 90 days.

After a patient graduates inpatient rehab, we will work them to make sure that they have ongoing treatment. This ensures that the patient is not thrown back to the wolves for the slaughter. While in rehab, we will work with each client to customize a recovery plan that works for them. Also, while a patient is admitted, we will help them to remove the roadblocks and negative influences that might derail them or cause them to relapse.

When a patient is admitted at Daylight Detox & Recovery Center, we provide them with the education and resources that serve as the foundation of their recovery. By helping individuals to recognize triggers and cravings, find sponsors, and even relocate or eliminate negative influences from their lives, we feel that we are giving each patient the best chance to attain long-term sobriety.

Should I Go to Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab?

Typically, we like our patients to finish inpatient rehab and then graduate to outpatient rehab. This isn't for our sake; it's for their sake! However, this ideal cycle is not plausible in all instances. Not everyone can take 30 to 90 days off from work to admit themselves into rehab. People like this usually have legal problems that require them to be in a certain place, such as house arrest or someone who is the sole provider for his or her family and can't afford to take time off of work.

In these cases, we offer outpatient rehab services exclusively, which are not as good as inpatient treatment, but it's better than nothing! It can at least give a person a chance to overcome their substance abuse problems. Still, we find that the majority of people who are willing to try to maneuver a few things in their lives can successfully do so. When it comes to sobriety and recovery, you have to want it more than anything else in order to be successful at it.

Rehab West Palm Beach
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