Depression is a devastating disorder on its own; when combined with substance abuse, it will only grow worse. At Utah Addiction Centers, we have created the ideal depression rehab in Utah, which will change your life forever.

What is a mental health rehabilitation center?

It is an institution where you will receive both substance addiction treatment and mental health assistance at the same time. Not all rehab facilities offer dual-diagnosis treatment, which we believe is vital for ensuring the success of the procedure. In many situations, the patient will develop various mental health disorders as a direct result of their addiction. In others, patients fall victim to addiction as they attempt to self-medicate their mental diseases.

In both cases, the situation needs addressing. You must realize that having a mental disorder while struggling with addiction will complicate the treatment tenfold. Often, the symptoms of addiction will get mistaken with those related to various psychological problems. This leads to people not getting the treatment that could improve their lives dramatically. Our health rehab institution deals with co-occurring disorders during the rehabilitation program for a plus of effectiveness.

Is there rehab for depression?

Yes, and if you show signs of depression, you need professional assistance fast. Substance addiction will only worsen the condition, which is why you need to seek proper treatment immediately. There are many types of depression, each with its own symptomatology, and the treatment will vary accordingly. At our depression drug rehab in Utah, we offer medication, therapy, and care for depression, as well as many other co-occurring disorders.

The underlying benefit of the dual-diagnosis treatment is that it allows you to recover faster from your addiction, as well as remain sober and positive over the years. Studies show that patients who receive dual-diagnosis treatment during the rehab exhibit lower relapse rates than those who don’t.

Is there a cure for depression?

Unfortunately, no. Just like addiction, depression is a chronic disorder and, when left untreated, it can make your life miserable. It will also serve as a lever, causing you to relapse even years after completing the rehab treatment. Fortunately, there is a way to deal with the issue.

We provide management services, allowing you to control the disorder and prevent it from taking over. At our facility, you will follow a specific treatment strategy consisting of three stages:

  • Primary care which includes diagnosing the disorder, and stabilizes your mental and emotional functioning during the first 30 days
  • A personalized treatment plan, consisting of therapies and counseling sessions
  • Prolonged care and support, preparing you for transitioning towards a healthier lifestyle

Our depression drug rehab in Utah also includes comprehensive aftercare, which will serve as a useful tool for managing the illness long-term. If you’re dealing with aggravated forms of depression, along with substance addiction, you need to contact us immediately. As it stands, your condition is highly volatile, and it can degenerate fast.

At Utah Addiction Centers, we can provide you with effective treatment and clinical and therapeutic support. Make the right choice and call in for an appointment asap!

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