Utah Trauma Therapy

Psychological and emotional traumas are often at the core of the addictive behavior. To ensure the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program, you need urgent Utah trauma therapy. At Utah Addiction Centers, we offer comprehensive therapy services as part of a holistic and life-defining treatment.

How do you treat emotional trauma?

The type and duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of the problem you’re facing. Some people cope with emotional traumas, grief, and loss better than others. For some, the pain and suffering can become unbearable over time, which will steer then into adopting radical measures. Many victims will self-medicate, attempting to find some relief from their mental torment.

That’s when addiction comes in, as the patient ends up misusing the drugs due to a lack of knowledge and expertise. The safest and most effective way to correct that problem is by joining the rehabilitation program fast. If you’re dealing with co-occurring disorders, you need to enter a dual-diagnosis-centered rehab facility, where you will get proper treatment and assistance.

What is a dual diagnosis in substance abuse?

Dual diagnosis refers to showing symptoms of co-occurring disorders, where one patient struggles with both addiction and one or more mental disorders. While emotional traumas are not diseases in and of themselves, they can serve as the foundation for future anxiety disorders, depression, and other conditions. In many cases, they will also trigger the addictive behavior, luring the patient on a path of substance abuse and addiction.

Dual diagnosis is a clinical term, which means it has clinical solutions. Our Utah trauma therapy relies on medication, behavioral therapy, counseling, and aftercare to help you manage your condition. We use highly advanced therapy procedures like EMDR and neurofeedback to:

  • Address negative emotions and feelings
  • Promote positivity and calmness
  • Help you accept and overcome the pain
  • Allow you to make peace with yourself, as well as those who wronged you, etc.

How are dual diagnosis patients treated?

The treatment begins in a high-end facility, where you will undergo a series of procedures, including:

  • Preliminary clinical and psychiatric assessment
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for detox and stabilization
  • Holistic treatment for the body, mind, and spirit (behavioral therapies, EMDR, recreational activities, etc.)
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Lifestyle improvements
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Aftercare support, etc.

Although substance addiction has no cure, you can live your life as a free and healthy individual. You only need the right guidance and support along the way, and our team of experts will provide you with just that.

Does trauma ever go away?

Yes, so long as you are willing to accept help for your problems. Most people don’t know how to cope with the traumatic events that have shaped their lives, so they resort to substance abuse to numb their pain. Our Utah trauma therapy offers a better, healthier, and safer alternative. At our rehab and recovery centers, you will rediscover the joy and the peace of mind of a truly free individual.

Contact us, at Utah Addiction Centers, and come for a screening today! It’s time to heal and seek for a better more fulfilling life.

Utah Trauma Therapy

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Utah Trauma Counseling

Emotional and mental traumas can drastically affect your ability to fight your addiction. Contact us, at Utah Addiction Centers, and join our Utah trauma counseling and recovery programs immediately!

What is a trauma counselor?

A trauma counselor is an expert who supports and treats people who have experienced traumatic events sometimes in their past. The aftermath of a life-altering traumatic event may include sorrow, grief, PTSD or emotional imbalances which may last for years. Furthermore, these occurrences often lie at the foundation of the addictive behavior.

We have seen many people resorting to substance abuse, either drugs or alcohol, in a futile attempt to cope with their suffering. All of them will only succeed in making things worse. Resorting to self-medication is a sure way towards developing a form of substance addiction, which will aggravate your problems soon. To prevent that, we advise you to reach out to our center for screening and treatment instead.

What therapy is best for trauma?

No single therapy serves as a definitive answer against mental and emotional traumas. Instead, we use a multi-disciplinary rehab and recovery process, which includes a multitude of procedures, including medication-assisted programs, EMDR, neurofeedback, etc. The system we’re using aims to address both the addictive behavior, as well as the social or emotional triggers behind it.

During the dual diagnosis treatment, you will follow a personalized recovery strategy, which combines medication with advanced and highly effective therapies. The results will become visible shortly. Our Utah trauma counseling sessions will allow you to:

  • Become more psychologically and emotionally stable
  • Face and overcome your fears
  • Deal with the suffering still haunting you
  • Come at peace with those who have wronged you
  • Accept to forgive and move on
  • Embrace positivity and joy as defining characteristics of who you’ve become, etc.

Can you recover from traumatic events?

Yes, recovery is possible, provided you get proper clinical and psychiatric assistance. Some traumatic events in your past will leave deep marks, which may never heal. In other cases, they may trigger various mental disorders, with depression being among the most notorious. While mental issues like depression have no cure, you can find ways to manage the problem long-term.

At our center in Utah, we will not only offer you temporary relief but teach you long-term management strategies along the way as well. You will learn how to overcome the pain and suffering by changing your lifestyle entirely. Our counseling sessions offer you the opportunity to discover new things about yourself, as you undergo a vast and complex healing process.

If you’re dealing with internalized emotional traumas, don’t attempt to cope with the pain yourself! Come to our center, and join our Utah trauma counseling programs immediately! We will make sure to guide you on the right path. At the same time, our clinicians will help you cope with your addiction, during a unique and personalized treatment.

Utah Addiction Centers stands for excellence, compassion, and effectiveness. Join our family and leave your pain behind you!

Mental Health Facilities Near Me

Mental facilities near you are ready to help. There is no stigma associated with getting better. Addiction is a powerful disease that many suffer from. If you are a resident of Utah, the highly certified Utah Addiction Centers offer quality care in a supportive environment treating the root of your problems.

What are the mental health facilities near me?

Utah residents have a variety of options when it comes to finding residential treatment centers. In the greater Salt Lake area alone, there are ten such facilities.

One facility of note is the Utah Addiction Centers beautiful campus. Situated between Provo and West Jordan on the banks of Utah Lake, our stunning vistas help clients relax and deal with their addictions in a safe environment away from the temptations of the city.

Our expert staff tends to the needs of our patients in the shadow of Flat Top Mountain. Patients bask in the morning sun while taking in the view from the well-designed grounds.

It is important to remember that the best treatment options for you may not be situated near your home. Your daily life is often part of the problem. A rural setting such as ours near a city that prides itself on the morality of its citizens offers a terrific location to recover.

Still, others do not need long-term care. We offer detox and short-term care allowing clients to maintain an ideal work, life, and recovery balance. Clinicians and skilled nurses treat you on your own time while allowing you to remain around the job and people who support positive outcomes in your life. However, temptation is a drug in its own right.

What should I look for in mental health facilities near me?

National organizations and state governments heavily regulate facilities and certify employees. Google reviews, ours are close to five stars, offer an insight into the effectiveness of treatment or a place to vent. However, it is vital to find centers capable of providing the level of care required to meet your needs.

Detox centers need to be more than convenient. This service monitors your immediate withdrawal symptoms, easing pain and ensuring that treatment is not stigmatized.

Overall, you want to be in a supportive environment. Everyone from the skilled staff to the clinicians working on group and individual therapy sessions make or break the recovery process.

The environment you are around must treat you with respect and dignity. Nearly 20 million Americans suffer from addiction. This is more than a psychological issue; it is an epidemic that can kill.

Our facilities and staff are certified. We provide help for people suffering from alcohol, drug, and sex addictions as well as expert detox care. Our beautiful location in the Salt Lake Valley offers the opportunity to relax between therapies.

Do not let your symptoms continue. Addiction leads to negative choices that impact health and well-being. You and your peers suffer from heightened joblessness, poor health, and the effects of a criminal record. Do not let your symptoms continue, contact us to find out how we can help.


Mental Health Facilities Utah

Mental health facilities in Utah offer leading care in a terrific environment. The Utah Addiction Centers provides skilled care for alcohol, drug, and sex addictions as well as eating disorders. Our expert staff carries forward dignity, respect, and a strong sense of morality in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.

Why should I seek help in Utah?

Utah is a state built on morality. Our citizens believe in avoiding temptation. This is especially true in Salt Lake City. Alcohol is simply illegal in the state with only state stores allowed to sell beverages.

Our commitment to our beliefs creates a safe and beautiful environment. We are the eleventh safest state in the country. Our rural setting provides a relaxing environment away from the temptation that led you to abuse in the first place.

Still, many residents require care. Pill and drug addiction persist across the country and this continues here. Our facilities offer real-world experience in treating the many different addictions that more than twenty million Americans suffer from.

How should I choose a recovery center?

Mental health is not the same as physical health. Well-being cannot be treated at any qualified hospital. Addiction is a particularly strong issue.

People lead different lives. Lifestyles direct the best options for treatment. Those who lead lives surrounded by a supportive community of non-abusers do not need the same distance from those who live life in the fast lane.

Your physical removal from communities negatively impacting mood and promoting abuse is among the leading factors of recovery. Reinforcement of beliefs and practices is a significant reason that the addicted continue to seek their drug of choice.

Beyond distance, facilities must be capable of dealing with your issues. State governments and organizations certify individuals and organizations, deciding who can legally treat you. Detox facilities should be staffed by courteous and caring staff. This is imperative to the positive reinforcement pushing you to tackle your problems.

Why should I seek care?

Mental health is no light matter. There is no excuse for overcoming the thoughts and practices negatively impacting livelihoods and health.

Sufferers of addiction are prone to job loss, crime, depression, and anxiety. Hair loss, tooth loss, malnourishment, and brain damage are not uncommon symptoms of use. For many, rehabilitation is not optional as they are on a death spiral touching everyone around them from friends to family.

The benefits of treatment outweigh the cost of care. Short-term rehabilitation costs up to $12000 with long-term care being more expensive. However, insurance covers many related expenses. Plans may cover detox, medicines, and therapy. This places recovery within reach of most people.

Never discount the impact of positive behavior. Failing to seek care is detrimental to those who care most about you, the people who wish to see you succeed. Mental health facilities in Utah offer the perfect option for addicted individuals seeking a better life.

Contact our certified experts to find out how our high-quality facilities and beautiful environment can help you.

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