Utah Biofeedback Therapy

The brain is a wonderful part of the body and it is connected to our physical body in ways that aren’t fully understood. One of the ways to improve some of the problems that occur with the mental condition is with the use of EEG biofeedback therapy. Utah biofeedback therapy is a way to retrain the brain to better handle some of the conditions and difficulties that a person may have. By retraining the brain you can improve the conditions that are impacting your life in a negative way.

What is Utah Biofeedback Therapy?

EEG biofeedback therapy is also known as neurofeedback. It is a type of therapy that trains the brain to function more efficiently. The brain typically functions as it has always done. If it has a way of functioning that isn’t efficient you can make changes to how the brain reacts by using Utah biofeedback therapy. This type of treatment is non-invasive and is designed to provide your brain with new ways to handle situations.

Biofeedback is done in a series of sessions. Through the repeated biofeedback sessions you will be effectively retraining your body to learn new ways to deal with old situations. Thus, you can actually change your brain function to be more efficient and to avoid some of the pitfalls that have caused concerns in the past.  Better brain efficiency, particularly in dealing with particular issues, can help you avoid some of the issues that may be causing your difficulty.

What is Biofeedback Therapy Used For?

Utah Biofeedback therapy is useful in the treatment of a number of different conditions such as addictions, anxiety, ADHD, panic attacks, PTSD, sleep problems, depression, headaches, obsessive compulsion disorder, muscle and back pain and more types of brain dysregulation. The use of EEG biofeedback is a way to allow professionals to address the problem of brain dysfunction and provide ways to train the brain to react differently. It provides mental calming and can control emotional reactivity and provide sensory awareness.

Biofeedback can be done as part of a therapy program for overcoming issues such as addiction and anxiety. It can also provide instructions that you can use on your own to relax the mind so you can better control your body. For instance, the technique can be helpful for dealing with all types of conditions from panic attacks to headaches. Biofeedback doesn’t cure the underlying condition but it can help you better deal with it. Generally, it takes multiple sessions in order to obtain long-term results.

At Utah addiction centers we offer treatment for a wide variety of conditions and addictions. We are one of the leading centers in Utah. Our professional team reviews your condition and provides you with a treatment plan that includes a selection of therapy options that are most likely to help with your condition. Utah biofeedback therapy is just one of the many holistic therapy choices that we provide at our addiction center. Contact our experts at Utah Addiction Centers for more information about biofeedback therapy.


Utah Biofeedback Therapy

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Utah Neurofeedback Therapy

Utah neurofeedback therapy offers cutting edge treatment for addiction and eating disorders in an invigorating environment away from temptation. This treatment is proven to work for many ailments. Utah Addiction Centers combines the power of a quality environment with working multi-channel care.

Why should I seek treatment?

Addiction is an epidemic. Twenty million Americans suffer from this condition. Abuse of alcohol, heroin, and other dangerous substances is a growing issue.

Eating disorders impact even more people. Thirty million people in the United States suffer from anorexia or bulimia.

These conditions are serious. Drug abuse correlates directly to breathing problems, brain damage, tooth loss, malnutrition, and skin conditions.

Disorders and addiction are extremely detrimental to mental health as well. People suffering from bulimia and anorexia experience heightened levels of depression. Still, only one in five deaths due to an eating disorder is from suicide.

Abuse leads to a vicious and expensive cycle. Addicts make adverse life-altering decisions leading to increased levels of joblessness and homelessness. Usage is typically associated with criminal activity as well.

The health problems and social issues related to abuse and eating disorders make seeking treatment life-saving. Our experts help to get you on the road to recovery.

How can neurofeedback therapy help me?

Cognitive retraining is a thriving practice employed for a variety of incurable issues. Therapists and even social workers use methods related to this philosophy to treat everything from attention deficit disorder to tinnitus, addiction, and eating disorders.

Retraining focuses on negative thoughts and behaviors. Therapists replace negative thinking and reactions to certain stimuli with more beneficial thoughts and activities. This form of training even works for physical ailments such as Tinnitus where patients report a significant improvement in handling the symptoms of their condition.

Experts may deploy neurofeedback therapy. This involves the placement of electrodes on the temple with small electric shocks when exposing patients to stimuli that cause specific thoughts and cravings. A review of studies in 2009 found that this form of treatment significantly aids in impulse control.

Addiction is a condition. While many people suffer from this ailment, it is incurable. Instead, therapists and counselors must focus on thoughts and behaviors. Cognitive retraining and neurofeedback therapy are proven to work.

Our experts respect your condition and provide dignified help to our patients. We tailor everything from our environment to our neurofeedback therapy room for ultimate effect.

We also understand that there are underlying concerns impacting thoughts and behavior. Group and individual therapy sessions are used to find the underlying causes of your condition. Eating disorders and addiction have a genetic component or may relate to underlying mental health issues. Addressing the whole person in rehabilitation is crucial.

To achieve the best results, our experts focus on your entire problem. A multi-channel approach allows us to tune our feedback therapy to your case.

Addiction is a life-threatening and expensive issue. With insurance covering much of the cost of recovery, treatment is within reach for many people. Utah neurofeedback therapy offers proven treatment in a relaxed environment.

Contact us today to find out more.

Utah Neurofeedback Rehab

Utah neurofeedback rehab centers help patients kick addiction through a proven practice. Brain training works. It is used for everything from attention deficit disorder to tinnitus, eating disorders, and addiction. Utah Addiction Centers offers targeted feedback therapy in conjunction with expert therapy and residential recovery centers.

What is neurofeedback therapy?

This form of therapy targets personality, behavior, and learning. Addiction and eating disorders are not necessarily a learned behavior but involve impulses and reactions to an overwhelming temptation. The brain is taught to respond to stimuli negatively.

This form of therapy is incredibly powerful. It seeks to help alleviate the effects of conditions through reconditioning when there is no full cure available.

Electrodes placed on the temple are combined with forms of stimuli that would typically produce cravings or revulsion. Small electric shocks train the brain to correspond more positively to these activities.

It is important to use trained professionals who respect you and your ailment when receiving this form of therapy. Addiction is an epidemic affecting 20 million Americans. Eating disorders impact even more lives with nearly 30 million sufferers.

Does neurofeedback therapy work?

When used appropriately, neurofeedback therapy works. A review of experiments performed in 2009 found that patients undergoing treatment saw large-scale improvements in impulsivity and inattention.

Cognitive retraining, the process of generating positive thinking, significantly improves the lives of many. Psychologists and social workers use this form of treatment to significant effect to replace cravings with more beneficial behavior. Experts replace a need to partake in drugs, binge, or purge with coffee drinking or helpful thoughts.

This form of therapy works particularly well for addiction and eating disorders when combined with individual and group therapy. Counselors help find the root causes of your behavior. Many people suffering from anorexia or bulimia show signs of depression and drug use is often a coping strategy for undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

Finding the reason for abuse allows therapists to tune neurofeedback therapy to our patients. We strive to help you start on the path to recovery through a multi-channel approach to rehabilitation.

Where can I find neurofeedback therapy near me?

Utah residents have access to the Utah Addiction Centers. We are located between Salt Lake City and Provo. Our location on the shores of Utah Lake in full view of the Rocky Mountains offers patients taking advantage of our residential program a relaxed and refreshing environment

It is not always advisable to find a recovery center nearest to you. Social circles may be the reason for abuse. Friends and even family can promote behavior related to usage. Even if your best supporters are nearby, your closest relationships may pose a risk for regression and hinder current treatment.

Addiction is not a light matter. It impacts social structures, family life, and our connections. Treatment can be a matter of life and death. Finding a rehab center that respects you as a person while offering expert care is vital to your well-being.

Utah neurofeedback rehab centers such as ours combine traditional therapy with a treatment that works. Contact us today to start down the road to recovery.

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