Michael Ruoho

Clinical Director

Michael was born and raised in Idaho.  He came to Utah in 1985 and has been here ever since.  He attended the University of Utah where he received his undergraduate in Sociology.  A year later he returned to the University of Utah and completed his graduate degree in Social Work.

Michael spent 27 years after graduation working for an adolescent program in Salt Lake City.  During this time he worked with adolescents and families with substance abuse issues, mental health issues and sexual trauma.  He was invited to speak at social work conferences all over the United States and Canada and still presents today at conferences and workshops.

He came to the Utah Addiction Centers in 2014 as the clinical director and continues to focus on addiction and trauma work.  Michael for the past 22 years has also been an adjunct professor with the University of Utah school of social work and recently with Fordham Universities graduate school of social work.
Michael during his career has received the “Sharon Goodwill Memorial Award” for outstanding promise in the field of social work from the University of Utah and the “Heart of Social Work” from BYU’s graduate school of social work.
He married his wife Karyn who he met in college and they have 4 children, 2 grandchildren and 2 English Springer Spaniels.