Medically Supervised Utah Detox Services & Programs

Utah Drug Rehab

Recognizing that you or a loved one needs help is an important first step in recovering from addiction. However, actually quitting alcohol or drugs is incredibly difficult to do alone. Utilizing professional detox services will give the best chance for success.

When necessary (and prior to admission to a drug rehab center in Utah), our detox services are offered for drug addiction, alcohol abuse, opioid, or other substance abuse issues. We also treat co-occurring disorders such as eating, mood, and other disorders.

Utah Detox Services

Upon arrival at one of our Utah detox service centers, an initial assessment (including a physical exam and identification of any underlying conditions) will be given. Upon completion, an individualized treatment program that is custom-designed for the patient will be developed. When necessary, this includes a medically supervised detox program. We provide full medical monitoring and care throughout the detox process.

When entering a detox program in Utah, each resident will be provided the absolute very best alcohol or drug treatment services available anywhere. Our residents will receive a 100% individualized treatment plan, including both dietary and spirituality considerations.

Addiction therapy after detox maximizes the chances of long-term sobriety and lifelong success. After the physical withdrawal symptoms are controlled, our team at Utah Addiction Centers begin to focus on any underlying mental health disorders. Our residents are then treated with a custom-designed plan and extensive care.

For more information on how to get checked into a drug or alcohol detox program at Utah Addiction Centers, call us today.