Mental Illness Help

We all have times when we feel overwhelmed by the demands life makes on us. However, if you or someone you love feels that they can no longer cope with life’s demands, they may be suffering from a mental illness. Sometimes when a person is dealing with the overwhelming stress of daily life, they turn to medication or alcohol for relief. An underlying mental illness may be the reason that people tend to snap and turn to these self-defeating behaviors. Mental illness disrupts a person’s ability to think clearly, it affects a person’s mood and ability to relate to others. These issues can become so severe that their life is completely unmanageable. At Utah Addiction Centers we specialize in helping people to learn to live with this disease and function in society.
Some of the more common mental illnesses that we specialize in at Utah Addiction Centers are major depression, bi-polar disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorders and post traumatic stress disorders. We understand the delicate nature of these illnesses and provide the best possible care. During treatment, we will create a specialized plan for your loved one that will allow them to get back into their life, feeling stronger and more confident than before.

Mental illness is all encompassing; it involves the body, the mind and soul of a person. It affects a person’s mood and thoughts. Mental illness also affects the way a person eats, sleeps, acts and their self-worth. At Utah Addiction Centers, we understand that each of these areas must be addressed and dealt with in order for healing can begin. We also understand that everyone is an individual and has specific needs.

The first step in our program is primary care. During this time, we will thoroughly evaluate your loved one and their needs. We offer psychological testing that will allow us to get a better picture of your loved one’s mental illness and the issues they are facing. We will then create a treatment plan that will allow your loved one time and space needed in order to begin to reclaim their life.

During the next step in treatment of mental illness, at Utah Addiction Centers, we address the deep-seated issues that have caused your loved one to hit rock bottom. We offer a safe and caring place where your loved one can be honest about their feelings and can receive the support they need. During this process, we will continually monitor your loved one’s progress and determine the best course of continued action. Also during this process, we will begin to provide your loved one with the skills needed to move back into society full time.

We also provide excellent aftercare for your loved one. During this phase of our program, your loved one is encouraged to actively participate in at least 12 months of alumni support groups. We also offer anytime group therapy sessions for life. During the aftercare program, we also provide ongoing individual therapy, which will provide your loved one the skills, tools, knowledge and understanding needed to deal with the stressful challenges of daily life in a healthy way.

At Utah Addiction Centers we understand that family is very important in people’s lives. Therefore, we encourage family visitation. We also encourage family members to participate in your loved ones treatment plan.