Addiction Help

Substance abuse is the dependence on a chemical such as alcohol or drugs in order to survive from day to day. Drugs or alcohol can become a person’s sole reason for waking up each morning. People may start using drugs to help them relax, or to “take the edge off” their current feelings. Others may start out turning to alcohol in order to let go of the tension of the day. When people begin to depend on these chemicals to get through each day, substance abuse has presented itself and should be dealt with at a substance abuse treatment center, such as Utah Addiction Centers.

At Utah Addiction Centers, we understand the causes of substance abuse. No one ever takes a drink with the plan to become an alcoholic or experiments with drugs planning to become an addict. However, because of the daily stressors of life as well as the deep emotional pain one may feel, the abuse cycle begins. At Utah Addiction Centers, we offer a caring team of professionals that will help your loved one through the process of learning how to create a new life, free from the bonds of substance abuse.

Our substance abuse treatment center offers a unique approach to helping your loved one to win the battle over their addiction. We believe that each person is an individual and each comes to us with unique needs. During the beginning of our program, we will spend time getting to know your loved one and what issues they face. We will also do psychological testing that will help us to understand more of their needs, such as what causes them to feel the need to self medicate. We will then create a treatment plan to get your loved one back to living an enjoyable life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Utah Addiction Centers substance abuse treatment is based on the traditional 12-step program. However, we also use psychotherapy and a team of medical professionals in order to help your loved one to receive treatment of their entire being, not just the addiction. During treatment, your loved one will receive help with emotional issues as well as physical and spiritual issues. We believe that by using this holistic approach, your loved one will gain the tools to empower them to live a clean and sober life.

At Utah Addiction Centers, we also believe that family is a key element to long-term success. We believe that family visits with your loved are an important part of treatment. We also encourage you to participate in your loved one’s therapy. This allows you and your loved one to work past unresolved issues with the help of a therapist. This will strengthen your relationship with one another.

If your loved one has an issue with a chemical addiction, please consider Utah Addiction Centers. We pride ourselves on our unique program that will teach your loved one how to enjoy a life without the constraint of addiction. We offer a caring staff that is knowledgeable and professional. We can help turn your loved one’s life around. Please call today.