Utah Addiction Center is located in The Ranches of Eagle Mountain; providing individual therapy and addiction rehabilitation, for those seeking treatment for mental health and behavioral disorders.

What We Treat

Our dual diagnosis residential treatment center specializes in drug rehab and alcohol addiction. We also specialize in a broad range of mental health issues like depression treatment, anxiety, porn addiction, gambling addiction and eating disorders.


Our treatment approach at Utah Addiction Centers is based on an integrated and holistic approach. This means that we treat the ‘whole person;’ placing strong emphasis on treating the emotional, medical, spiritual, physical, social and dietary needs of our residents. Utilizing our mental health services we address these areas and are able to minimize the devastating impact of issues like depression and anxiety, thus reducing the risk of relapse.

Family Therapy and Involvement

Our comprehensive Family Therapy Program offers both individual counseling and group therapy with our patients and their families. The family program allows the clinical team to help the family work through relationship stressors that need to be resolved.

At Utah Addiction Centers we believe that the development of meaningful, supportive relationships for our clients is the “key principle” for success. This central element in improving retention and well-being of clients has led to the de­velopment of our Family Roles class, Relationship class, and other Educational groups. Success is directly measured in terms of “positive changes in parenting, family management, bonding, and communication skills.” Family involvement is crucial to work with family and loved ones while developing necessary skills to maintain healthy relationships.


Residents who complete their treatment program may be eligible for (3) forms of post-treatment services.

Aftercare is free of charge and includes a weekly aftercare group and an individual counseling session with a counselor each month. In addition, if an aftercare client finds them selves in a relapse (or headed that way), we encourage them to meet with our clinical team to assess their weakness and work through their struggle. We refuse to give up on those who continue to seek help.

Monitoring is a 1-year program designed to assist our alumni as they re-integrate into their post-treatment lives. Monitoring tracks: 12-step meetings, outpatient therapy, random drug and alcohol testing, and regular phone calls or text messaging in pre-scheduled high-risk situations.